GDS - Double Suction Split-Case Pumps

Pumped FluidsLow viscosity, without any fiber and solid particals inside, clean or about clean fluids.

Application Fields

  1. Raw Water Supply
  2. Drinking Water Supply
  3. Industrial Applications
  4. Irrigation
  5. Hot Water Circulation
  6. Cold Water Circulation
  7. Sea Water
  8. Pool Water
  9. Condense Systems
  10. Fire Fighting Systems
  11. Petrolium combinations and Fluids without solid particals

Operating Limits

Capacity (Q) : Upto 3500 m³/h
Manometric Height (Hm) : Upto 120 mWC
Operating Temperature (t) : From -20 °C to +140 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax) : 16 bar (standard), 40 bar (special cases)
General Construction Features

They are horizontal shaft, single stage, end suction pumps with radial/mixed flow closed impeller SEP GDS series pumps are manufactured different types from DN 80 to DN 350.

SEP GDS series pumps are adventages other pump types:

  • Minimal axial thrust due to double- entry impeller
  • Quick and easy assembly/dismantling of the rotor components due to elastically prestressed mountings.
  • Short and rigid with negligible vibrations

For sealing, standart applications use soft seals are used and the lubricating is performed according to API PLAN 1.

Alternative Applications

Package type sealing / Mechanical Seal, alternative cooling systems

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GDS - Double Suction Split-Case Pumps

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