SKV – Knife Gate Mud and Process Valves

SKV - Knife Gate Sludge and Process Valves

  1. Waste water
  2. Pulp and Paper industry
  3. Water treatment stations
  4. Slurry and sewage applications
  5. Thermal (Coal) power plants
  6. Solid waste plants
  7. Mining
  8. Chemistry industry
  9. Food and beverage industry

Nominal Diameters: DN50 – DN600

Pressure: PN10

Sıcaklık Aralığı: -15 °C ile +140 °C

Operating Temperature (T): up to 140 °C


SEP SKV series Knife Gate Mud and Process Valves are often used for agressive and/or sticky, viscous fluids with solid and fibrous particles inside on/off control. They’re with a “cutting off” knife which cleans the stickers of the sealing surface to clear the sundries automatically. Further more, a stainless steel knife can prevent the leakage led by corrosion. Material saving by reliable sealing and full passage flow properties are most important advantages of the valve.

SEP SKV valves can be controlled manually or automatically upon request. Hand wheel, chain wheel and bevel grear actuators are choises of manual use. Pneumatic cylinder, electrical motor and hydraulic cylinder type actuators are choises of automatic use. Beside those it’s also available to use the valve as type of non-rising stem or rising stem.