SEPINOX - Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Clean or slightly dirty (max 50 g/m³ sand content) waters.
  1. Water supply for domestic use
  2. Water supply for industrial use
  3. Villages, towns and cities water network
  4. Water supply of hotels, hospitals, holiday resorts
  5. Irrigation, sprinkler, dripping systems
  6. Circulation of clean water, demineralized water
  7. Boosting of clean water, demineralized water
  8. Lowering ground water level
  9. Fire-fighting systems

Capacity (Q)  :up to 280 m³/h
Head (Hm)  : up to 450 mWc
Operating Temperature (T)  : up to 30 °C
Allowable solid(sand) content  : Max. 50 g/m³ /td>

* For higher head and temperature options contact with SEP Pump.

SEPINOX series deep well submersible electric pumps are designed and built for safety operation of supplying underground water. They’re also used to pump the water from stagnant water sources such as reservuars, lakes, sea and damps. Pump and motor set are installed and run completely in the water. They are high efficient and long life pumps for continuous operations.

SEPINOX submersible pumps run silent. They don’y have shaft-cut problems because of running in curvature boreholes. Installation and service operations are very easy. Discharge part of the pump has a built-in checkvalve inside to prevent back flow. Pipe connection to the discharge of the pump is generally threaded type. It may be by using flanges upon request. As a general rule of the pumps, pumps shouldn’t run at closed valve and reverse direction.

SEPINOX submersible pumps are complete stainless steel pumps. Type of stainless steel may vary according to chemical and physical properties of the pumped water. However, AISI 304 stainless steel are widely used.

SEPINOX submersible pumps and motors are connected to each other by a rigid coupling. Dimensions of the connection are according to the NEMA standards.