HMS - Multistage, High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps

Low viscosity, clean or slightly polluted without any solid particles and fiber inside
  1. General Water Supply Systems
  2. Pressurising
  3. Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems
  4. Heating Systems
  5. Boiler Feeding & Hot Water & Circulation
  6. Filter Systems
  7. Solvents
  8. Fire Fighting Systems
  9. Reverse Osmosis
  10. Power Plants
  11. Condense Water
  12. Mining
  13. High temperature and pressure applications

Capacity (Q)  : up to 850 m³/h
Head (Hm)  : up to 630 mWc
Operating Pressure (P)  : 60 bar • 100 bar (in special cases)
Operating Temperature (T)  : : -10 °C + 110 °C

* For higher pressure and temperature options contact with SEP Pump

SEP HMS series pumps are horizontal, multistage pumps with radial impellers. They cover wide hydraulic range by its 6 different types.Shaft is supported with heavy-duty bearings by two sides. They are designed with a drum to balance axial forces. Wear rings are used in between the stages to control the increasing leakage due to wear.The sealing is made by packings on chromium coated bushings. A shaft sleeve is used to protect the shaft from wearing. Mechanical seals are also used on demand and/or due to the operational requirements.Bearings are grease lubricated. Oil lubricated bearings are optional.

SEP HMS series pumps have similar constructional features of “boiler feed pumps” with their rigid and strong construction.