The Future Always Rests On The Past...

The only element that cannot be gained through education in business life is the experience gained as a result of hard work over the years. The experience, which cannot be gained through education, enables one to be informed about all situations that may be encountered in business life and to make the right decision in times of crisis. To approach our future with reasonable thought, the past and the future must be perceived as an inseparable whole. We should accept the past as a guide and evaluate it as a mirror of the future. Because the Future is Experienced in the Past and Shaped from the Present, Because the future always rests on the past…


We were founded by Sabri Çıtak.


As our first production, we started to manufacture vertical turbine pumps.


Production of submersible deep well pumps started.


Manufacturing and management departments moved to its new building.


Production of drainage and wastewater pumps started.


ISO 9001 Quality System application started.


OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Certificates have been included in our quality system.


Our Research and Development department was established. New investments have been started in new machinery and manufacturing site.


Industrial pump manufacturing started with norm and multistage centrifugal pumps.


The first step in the energy sector was taken with the manufacture of “Pump and Turbine” for a hydroelectric power plant.


Manufacturing of API610 single-stage hot water pumps for geothermal power plants started.


Production of heavy duty vertical slurry pumps with column pipe started for the needs of mining industry.


A pump test stands with a flow capacity of 25,000 m3 was commissioned.


Vertical Industrial Can-Type Pump production started for  Geothermal Power Plants to reinject brine into the well. Plus, API Plan 53B mechanical seal pressure barrier system designed and manufactured.


Vortex impeller process pumps were designed and manufactured.


Axial flow propeller pumps were manufactured and added to our product portfolio.

We stepped into paper industry by designing and manufacturing of Paper&Pulp pumps.