GSP – Sewage and Drainage Pumps

GSP - Sludge and Sewage Pumps

Raw or process fluids including solid particles & fiber such as dirty water & sewage with mud & sand.

  1. Pumping of Domestic and Industrial Water with Solid particles
  2. Waste Water Treatment Plants
  3. Rain Water Drainage
  4. Every Kind of Drainage and Dewatering Applications
Capacity  (Q)up to 3000 m³/h
Head (Hm)up to 90 mWc
Operating Temperature  (t)-15 °C + 140 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax)16 Bar

SEP GSP series pumps are vertical or horizontal shaft, single stage end suction volute casing pumps.

SEP GSP series pumps are manufactured as 32 different types and according to the pumped fluid they are equipped with; Single blade/ double blade, anti clog, vortex and screw type impellers.

SEP GSP series sewage and drainage pumps offer solutions to many applications with the combination of 32 different type hydroulic groups and drive units.

-Horizontal shaft with coupling

-Horizontal shaft monoblock

-Vertical shaft with coupling hanging on motor

-Vertical shaft monoblock

-Vertical with universal shaft

-Vertical shaft with coulumn pipe

-Horizontal shaft with submersible motor

-Vertical shaft with submersible motor

SEP GSP series sewage and drainage pumps have also different constructions for the bearing and sealing systems according to the application conditions.