GSP KS – Slurry Pumps With Vertical Shaft and Column Pipe

GSP KS - Slurry Pumps With Vertical Shaft and Column Pipe

Raw or process fluids including solid particles & fiber such as dirty water & sewage with mud & sand.

  1. Mining and mineral processing
  2. Highly abrasive slurries
  3. Slurry transfer
  4. Cyclone feed
  5. Marble Processing Plants
  6. Sand and gravel processing
  7. Iron&Steel plants (scale pump)
  8. Mining duty abrasive slurries
  9. Fertilizer • Pulp & paper • Lime slurry
  10. (Coal) Thermal power plant ash
  11. Mining and mineral processing
Capacity  (Q)up to 1600 m³/h
Head (Hm)up to 100 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)-15 °C + 120 °C

Washable with superheated steam (Max. 450 °C)

SEP GSP KS series pumps are designed and manufactured for transfering of high abrassive fluids which contain solid and fiberous particles. They are vertical, single stage and bottom intake pumps. Thanks to the sliding bearing system used, the pump doesn’t have any sealing elements under the water and as a result of this, no ball bearing problems are observed.

According to the properties of the pumped fluid, different impeller options are available as *Single / double bladed *non clogging type *Open impellers type with front wear plate *Vortex type.

Materials of hydraulic parts of the SEP GSP KS pumps are chosen as highly abrasion resistant. Beside this, the pump has wear compansation system keeping the hydraulic performance constant without dismantling the pump.

Pump motor connections are designed taking into

consideration the risk of blocking. According to the application or upon customer request, motor can be connected to the pump directly or by using pulley system.

SEP GSP KS pumps are suitable for portable and fixed operation.

We strongly recommend customers to be in contact with SEP during the pump and material selection since it is very critical and important for the functioning of the pump.