GP - Single Stage, End Suction Process Pumps

Process fluids with limited solid particles
  1. Industrial Water Supply
  2. Petrochemical Industry
  3. Petroleum and composites
  4. Chemical Processes
  5. Agressive Fluids
  6. Abrasive Fluids
  7. High Viscosity Fluids
  8. Enviromental Eng. Processes

Capacity (Q)  : up to 650 m³/h
Head (Hm)  : up to 100 mWc
Operating Pressure (P)  : max. 40 Bar
Operating Temperature (T)  : -20 °C + 140 °C

SEP GP series process pumps are horizontal shaft, single stage, end suction pumps with radial/mixed flow open impellers.

By use of the front wear plate which is machined with the same profile of the impleller, the clearance adjustment is easily made for high performance.

SEP GP series pumps cover a very wide range of constructional solutions including 29 types of TS-EN 733, besides additional to this standard they have 8 more different types which are not described in TS-EN 733.

SEP GP series pumps can be disassembled (bearing support, shaft and the impeller) without disassembling the volute from the piping system. All the SEP GP pumps, on standard conditions, are coupled to the motors with elastic – rubber pad couplings. Optionally , “SPACER TYPE” couplings can be used to provide quick and low cost maintenance.

According to the pumped fluid specifications, the pump dimensions, and operating conditions the bearing construction of SEP GP series pumps can be easily upgraded from grease lubricated, side closed ball bearing type to heavy duty and/or high realiabilty bearing applications and alternative lubricating systems.

On standard applications SEP GP series pumps are designed to use soft sealing package type systems and cooling of the sealing system is made according to the API PLAN 1.