GN – Single Stage, End Suction Norm Pumps

GN - Single Stage, End Suction Norm Pumps

Clean or slightly polluted without any solid particles and fiber inside

  1. Raw Water Supply
  2. Drinking Water Supply
  3. Industrial Applications
  4. Irrigation
  5. Hot Water Circulation
  6. Cooling Water Circulation
  7. Sea Water
  8. Pool Water
  9. Condense System
  10. Fire Fighting Systems
  11. Petroleum Combinations and Fluids Without Solid Particles
Capacity  (Q)up to 1800 m³/h
Head (Hm)up to 100 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)-15 °C + 140 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax)< 16 Bar
Abrasive Concentration< % 4

* For higher pressure and temperature options contact with SEP Pump

SEP GN series pumps are horizontal shaft, single stage, end suction pumps with radial/mixed flow closed impellers.

They cover a very range of constructional solution including 29 types of TS-EN 733 pumps besides additional to this standard they have 15 more different types. Main dimensions are according to the TS-EN 733/DIN 24255 standards. Back pull-out design of the SEP GN series pumps provide easy dismantling. By means of this feature, the user can remove the motor, bearing bracket and impeller without disturbing the valute, suction and discharge pipes. All the SEP GN pumps on standard conditions are coupled to the motors by means of elastic-rubber pad couplings. Optionally, “SPACER TYPE” couplings can be used to provide quick and economic dismantling.