GN HW – Single Stage, End Suction Hot Water Process Pumps

GN HW - Single Stage, End Suction Hot Water Process Pumps

Clean or slightly polluted fluids without fiber inside

  1. Petroleum refining, production and distribution
  2. Petrochemical and demanding chemical processing
  3. High temperature applications including boiler feed
  4. General industrial applications requiring high temperature and high pressure
  5. Geothermal Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants
Capacity  (Q)up to 1800 m³/h
Head (Hm)up to 100 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)15 °C + 200 °C
Abrasive Concentration < % 4

* For higher pressure and temperature options contact with SEP Pump

The single stage centrifugal GN HW series pumps are designed according to the ISO/API standards and manufactured with OH1/OH2 construction features by SEP PUMP. These process pumps with their approved quality cover a wide hydraulic range and various classifications of the standards.

High performance characteristics, long operational life, spare parts suplly / delivery /interchangibilty makes them reliable for critical application fields.

GN HW series pumps can be manufactured with various material combinations classified by API standards according to operational conditions and specifications.

For the sealing system, depending on the process conditions, single or double ISO 21049/API 682 mechanical seals are used.

The base construction is possible in two ways either bottom mounting ( OH1 ) or mid horizontal axis mounting (OH2 )

SEP GN HW series pumps are end suction, single stage, radial/mixed flow closed impeller rotadynamic pumps and generally used in horizontal positioning.

Thanks to their design features, it is possible to disassemble the bearing support + shaft + impeller without disassembling the pump body from base. Although in our production process, elastic couplings are used as standard; “spacer type” elastic couplings can be used to provide easy dissembling/assembling, if necessary.