GMS – Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

GMS - Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Low viscosity, clean or slightly polluted without any solid particles and fiber inside

  1. Clean water or liquids similar to water in physical & chemical properties
  2. Delivering water to high rise buildings.
  3. Spraying
  4. High temperature and pressure applications
  5. Power plants
  6. Mining
  7. General purpose water supply/distribution
  8. High temperature and pressure applications
Capacity  (Q)up to 650 m³/h
Head (Hm)
up to 300 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)
-15 °C + 110 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax)max. 40 Bar

* For higher pressure and temperature options contact with SEP Pump

SEP GMS series pumps are horizontal/vertical shaft, multistage pumps with radial flow closed impellers and diffusers. They cover a large range from DN32 to DN250 'ye with 10(ten) types of pumps. Suction and Discharge flanges are manufactured to handle 40 bar pressure in standard production. Beside that they can reach up to 60 bar pressure for special applications. During the manufacture of the SEP GMS multistage pumps R 3-0 is applied. With this construction type, the pump is rotating clockwise (R) when viewed from the motor side, suction flange is on the right side (3) and discharge flange is on the top (12) and far position when viewed from the motor side. According to the application limitations, these orientations should be indicated in detail when placing the order. SEP GMS multistage pumps are sealed by means of gland packing working on the shaft bushing. For special applications, water cooled packings and mechanical seals can be used. Wear rings are used in between the stages to control the increasing leakage due to wear. SEP GMS multistage pumps are designed with balancing holes/disc/drum alternatives to balance axial forces according to the pump type.