GEP – Axial Flow Elbow Propeller Pumps

GEP - Axial Flow Elbow Propeller Pumps

Corrosive, abrasive, crystallize process fluids w/o solid contents.

  1. Metals and mining
  2. Chemicals
  3. Salt and potash
  4. Water treatment
  5. Biomass
  6. Food
  7. Pulp and paper
  8. Other industrial applications
Capacity  (Q)

up to 18.000 m³/h

Head (Hm)up to 8 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)up to 140 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax) 6 bar

SEP GEP Series heavy duty elbow propeller pumps are designed and manufactured for continuous circulation of abrasive, corrosive, solid-contaminated or clean fluids with low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Thick blade profiles provides the pump long operating life.

The elongated blade profile gives the pump to run at low- vibration operations.

SEP GEP series pumps are highly recommended to transport sensitive, crystalline fluids.

Sealing is provided with gland packing in standard production. It’s also available with cartridge type mechanical seals upon request.

According to the properties of the pumped fluid they are made of cast iron, carbon steel, dublex stainless steel, nickel chrome alloys and other alloy materials.