GDS - Double Suction Split Case Pumps

Low viscosity, clean or slightly polluted without any solid particles and fiber inside
  1. Raw Water Supply
  2. Drinking Water Supply
  3. Industrial Applications
  4. Irrigation
  5. Hot & Cold Water Circulation
  6. Sea & Pool Water
  7. Condense Systems
  8. Fire Fighting Systems
  9. Petroleum combinations and Fluids without solid particles

Debi (Q)  :50-20.000 m³/h
Manometrik Yükseklik (Hm)  : 10-230 mWc
Operating Pressure (P)  : Max 50 Bar
Operating Temperature (T)  : -15 °C + 140 °C

* For higher pressure and temperature options contact with SEP Pump

SEP GDS series pumps are single stage, axially split case pump with double flow radial impeller for vertical and horizontal installation. Drive shaft end can be on the right side or left side upon request.

Providing low NPSH requirements by double suction is their most preferable features.

Pump design permits to use soft or mechanical seal elements at sealing.

Impeller and body materials of SEP GDS pumps can vary according to operation conditions and/or customer requirements.

Suction and discharge flanges are compatible with ISO, DIN, BS or ANSI norms.

The fesibility of quick and easy replacement of new rotor group makes big advantage for continuous operation.