GDP - Sewage, Waste Water Submersible Pumps

Raw and process water, sewage and drainage water, muddy and sandy water, treated water.
  1. Raw water supply
  2. Process fluids
  3. Household and industrial waste water with solids inside
  4. Sewage water
  5. Rain water
  6. Any kind of drainage systems
Capacity (Q)  :up to 3000 m³/h
Head (Hm)  : up to 100 mWc
Immersion Depth (m)  : 20 m
Operating Temperature (T)  : up to 40 °C

SEP GDP series pumps are combination of 44 types of normalized pumps, 32 types of sewage and drainage pumps with 14 types of SPM submersible motors with different rotational speeds and powers.

SEP GDP series submersible pumps are built by coupling of SPM submersible motor to a pump group by using a special adapter. The adapter is also an oil bath which ball bearings and mechanical seals placed in. Different Impeller types are alternatively used according to the application such as single-double-tree blade and non- logging vortex type.

Motor protection is provided by leakage sensor and thermistor instruments. The system needs no additional relay.

Different voltage and frequencies are also available on demand.