ED/MD - Submersible Mix Flow / Propeller Pumps

Clean or about clean fluids not inclşuding long fibers.

  1. Rain floods

  2. Drainage water

  3. Rivers

  4. Channels

  5. Sea water

  6. Pool water

  7. Pumping low head, high capacity waters without big particles insideMining and mineral processing

Capacity (Q)  : up to 7200 m³/h
Head (Hm)  : up to 10 mWc
Operating Temperature (T)  : -15 °C + 40 °C
Maximum immersion depth  : 20 m

SEP ED / MD Series pumps are single stage, bottom suction, mix flow / axial flow impeller submersible pumps.

ED / MD Series Submersible Pumps;

They operate inside concrete rooms or in steel tubes designed according to their dimensions. The installation is made by means of slides and the pumps are located on a specially sealed surface.

The protection class of the motors is IP 68 and the insulation class is F, as standard. On demand, H isolation class motors can be manufactured.

The motor side of the pumps are seperated from the pump by means of two mechanical seals which operate in oil bath. Mechanical seal and the motor are both controled by seperate water leakage sensor to make the system more reliable.

With the ED / MD Series pumps, bearing overheating and widing overheating sensors can be used, optionally. Various different kinds of optional features are available.