CMS – Counter Impeller Split Case Pumps

CMS - Counter Impeller Split Case Pumps

Low viscosity w/o any fiber and solid particles inside, clean or about clean fluids.

  1. Industrial Applications
  2. Raw water supply
  3. Fire Fighting Systems
  4. Power Plants
Capacity  (Q)up to 650 m³/h
Head (Hm)
up to 350 mWc
Operating Temperature (t)
up to 140 °C
Operating Pressure (Pmax)

0 bar (60 bar special app.)

  1. SEP CMS series pumps are horizontal shaft, split case body, multistage with radial flow closed impellers.
  2. Rotor is built by assembling even-numbered impellers at reverse symmetry.
  3. Axial load is balanced by means of array of impellers.
  4. SEP CMS series pumps are manufactured 6 different types from DN80 to DN 350 sizes.
  5. Pressure range of suction and outlet flanges is up to PN 60 bar.
  6. Soft or mechanical seals may be used for shaft sealing.
  7. SEP CMS series pumps have wear rings in between the stages to control the increasing leakage due to wear.