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Founded in 1981 with 100% local capital, Göksan Pump Inc. embarked on its journey by specializing in the production of vertical shaft well pumps. Since then, the company has experienced rapid and successful growth, maintaining its leadership in Turkey through continuous advancement in design, manufacturing, testing, and R&D activities. Göksan Pump Inc. also contributes significantly to its country by exporting its products to over forty nations, thereby adding substantial value to the national economy.

Göksan Pump continues its operations with a commitment to adhering and implementing industry standards. Guided by the principles of efficient water and energy utilization to safeguard life resources and the future, the company delivers its products under the registered SEP trademark to both Turkish and international markets. 

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mission & vision
With our many years of industry expertise and future vision, we always look ahead, putting the future of our world and country at the center of our technology and quality, and acting with efficiency as a top priority. We produce innovative pump systems suitable for every purpose with high-quality thanks to our innovative technologies.

Energy Efficiency

We prevent energy waste and work toward a brighter future by determining the most suitable pump system for your facility.

Quality Management

We always improve the quality by enhancing our values at every step through continuous improvement and R&D studies.

Customer Satisfaction

With an honest, respectful, quality service policy, we constantly ensure customer satisfaction within the framework of trust.

Environmental Approach

In order to protect lives and the future, we pay close attention to the efficient use of resources and all of our actions.



As Göksan Pump, we move forward with confidence, excitement, and passion, contributing added value to the economy of our country on both micro and macro scale.


Intending to be the industrial market’s key supplier, Göksan Pump aims to provide its 360-degree engineering solutions to the entire world.

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