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Göksan Pompa was established in 1982 with 100% local capital and started its adventure with the production of vertical shaft well pumps. Today, as one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey and as a company that creates added value in its country by exporting to more than forty countries, it continues to grow rapidly and successfully continues its design, manufacturing, testing, and R&D activities with its administrative and technical experience.

Göksan continues its activities by following and applying industrial standards with the principle of using water and energy effectively, thus protecting life resources and protecting the future. Offers its registered SEP brand products to the Turkish and the World markets with a contemporary service approach.

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mission & vision

With our industry experience and future vision we have gained for many years, we always call it further. We put the future of our world and our country at the center of our technology and quality, and act with the priority of efficiency. With our innovative technologies, we produce innovative pump systems suitable for every need with our superior quality.

Energy Efficiency

By choosing the most suitable pump system for your facility, we prevent energy waste and work for a brighter future.

Quality Management

With continuous improvement and R&D studies, we always increase the quality by improving our values at every point.

Customer Satisfaction

With an honest, respectful, quality service policy, we constantly ensure customer satisfaction within the framework of trust.

Ecological Approach

We pay attention to the effective use of resources and all our activities in order to protect life and the future.



As Göksan Pump, we move forward with experience, excitement, and determination, and contribute to the economy by creating added value at a micro and macro scale.



As Göksan Pump, we aim to bring our 360-degree engineering solutions to the entire world with the vision of being the central supplier in the industrial market.

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